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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Femme Fatale

These paintings are going to be my entry into the FEMME FATALE art show at Wonder Root.

The painting of two women is more abstract with no specific narrative in mind, whereas the other piece is entitled, "In love with a stripper" in reference to the archetype Mata Hari seducing modern day patrons: Twista, Ludacris, and T Pain. The title comes from a T-Pain song and the concept satires the concept of an exotic dancer today versus the version typified by Mata Hari in the past.

Of particular note is the lack of "exotic" subtext in today's society, there is no oriental mystique necessary. Also, Mata Hari's body was seductive despite the small breasts she shyly hid and a form altogether different the typical stripper exalted by these rappers. (The thumbnail precedes the finished piece.)


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