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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Endurance: The run-on sentence of life.

I just spent my entire night preparing images for a the GALATIN website. Its surreal to look at this image and think back on the process it took to get to THIS process... what will be an incremental change on the way to some future incarnation.

I chose this image to post because I accidentally clipped out part of the model's leg, and it makes me think of the idea of the "sliver." Ole taught me, as he was taught by Artswaigger, that painting in the in between parts that are separated by an obstruction is a guilty notion, that isn't not required.

So called "Happy Accidents", Gestalt theory, and me.

Looking back on the sketches and photographs that became drawings and designs, which became proofs, which became strikes, which were worn, which were photographed, and manipulated, and saved and posted online, all of that seems natural. Looking ahead to the future of GALATIN DESIGNS which will be my own company and theoretically the most crucial of all my net art dabblings, that is surreal.


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